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16 August 2013 @ 01:55 am
about slash.....  
Now please bare in mind that I'm pretty much sloshed here!

I was thinking about the reaction of a friends husband when I tried to explain 'slash' to him. He was all.. yea, girl on girl, all for that, but when I explained that for me, and a huge fanbase, slash was all about guy on guy, he got very quiet and uncomfortable..
Now I iknow that I'm incredibly lucky in that I'm with Mr Spacenewt who accepts my little kinks without fear or intimidation. He knows that my fantasies are just that, fantasies.
The reaction of my friends husband though, it made me wonder if women sexualy, as far as many men are concerned, really are equals. If it's considered OK for a man to fantasise about 2 women together, shouldn't it be equaly valid for a woman to enjoy imagining 2 guys together.?
It certainly doesn't diminish my appreciation of  lone males and their attributes!